Data can be thought of as information that helps to provide a picture or tell a story of your work. This white paper explains why it is important for organizations to understand this and make a concerted effort to fully utilize Data for successful Systems of Care outcomes.

SOC Data White Paper

This template can be used to outline multiple grant deliverables in one succinct document. It can assist in taking a holistic approach to overall grant strategic planning activities.

SOC Planning Template

This form was created as a means to evaluate Systems of Care grant events to inform on current progress and guide future activities. The content can be modified to suite your individual evaluation needs.

SOC Event Evaluation

Directional strategies include mission, vision and values that guide groups when identifying their purpose, making key decisions and creating action steps. This document provides strategic thinking maps which can be used to develop these areas in during your strategic planning process.

Directional Strategy Exercise

This document provides an overview of data collection and monitoring processes submitted to SAMHSA and utilized by the Systems of Care grant.

System of Care Data Monitoring Process